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Example: Clubs, Big Companies
Here a price example for a higher volume SMS client like a club, a big store or any other type of individual that needs a lot of SMS per month.

Current prices are based on: EURO
Choose another currency if needed: USD EURO CHF

Jersey Telecom
FunctionalityCreditsTotal price
Text SMS1.759.625 Cents
Originator Authorisation1.759.625 Cents
Delivery notification0Free
Airtel Jersey
FunctionalityCreditsTotal price
Text SMS15.5 Cents
Originator Authorisation15.5 Cents
Delivery notification0Free

Credit Pricing

500 Credits 6 Cents30.00 EUROExample
1000 Credits 6 Cents60.00 EUROExample
2500 Credits 6 Cents150.00 EUROExample
5000 Credits 6 Cents300.00 EUROExample
10000 Credits 5.5 Cents550.00 EUROExample
25000 Credits 5.5 Cents1375.00 EUROExample
50000 Credits 4.5 Cents2250.00 EUROExample
75000 Credits 4.5 Cents3375.00 EUROExample
100000 Credits 4 Cents4000.00 EUROExample

Planned Termination Fees (Last update: 23.06.2024)
JERSEY: Currently there are no new termination fees planned.

Warnings (Last update: 23.06.2024)
There are network operators that already charge termination fees. As we are connected to several operators, we have no termination fees on the following networks. Please always that the following networks may reintroduce termination fees when dealing with us. We will inform you as soon as possible, if such a case arises. If possible we try to announce new termination fees as fast as possible in our "Planned Termination Fees" list.

JERSEY: Jersey Telecom

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